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posted by Andrew Lapin on Mar. 23, 2015

Set in Germany in the 1930s, A Bright Room Called Day is Kushner’s insightful drama depicting the lives of a group of friends during the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi Party. Agnes, a good-hearted German actress with communist leanings, and her artistic and highly liberal friends find their lives transformed over the course of two years as they see their politics and beliefs fail them in the wake of the rising tide of fascism. In contrast to Agnes, a young Jewish-American woman named Zillah looks back on Hitler’s rise from the late 1980s in the midst of the Reagan era, and acts as a warning to us all of the cyclical nature of history.
Showing us humanity in all its flaws, strengths, failings, and indomitable hopes, A Bright Room Called Day is a play that challenges us to question whether no action is an action; whether not making a choice is still choosing; whether any hope can be found in times of strife and in the face of wickedness.
This play is the first in Nu Sass’s new Small Batch Audience Series. The entire play takes place in one room, and the audience will be in the room with the actors. The goal is to create a more intimate and authentic experience for actors and audience alike. Seating will be VERY limited – 20 seats per performance – so be sure to get your tickets early.